Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 Reasons to Consider a Solar Well Installation

An old but undisputable adage is that that water is life. One of the reasons is that your body is about 70 percent water and without adequate supply, the body cannot function appropriately. By far the best and dependable sources of water are wells because they can be sunk in any residential geographical areas-- especially places too remote to be connected with piped water.
If you need to pump water from a well, the best way to go about it is to install a solar powered well system. There are several benefits associated with solar powered well systems. Here are top five reasons why you need to consider a solar well installation.

Lower installation and no operational cost 
The installation cost for a solar powered well system averages that of other systems such as wind power or windmills and electricity but may actually be cheaper depending on many other compounding factors. However, after installation, a solar powered well system requires no operational or ongoing cost. The other pumps will need money to provide fuel for the pump, while a solar powered system simply needs the renewable energy from the sun. 
High efficiency and reliability 
Due to technological advancement, solar water pumps have become much more complex compared to novelty fountain pumps produced earlier. The current solar powered pumps feature high power, efficiency and reliability, and they are commercialized. They are made from weather- resistant materials such as stainless steel. They also feature brushless DC motors, which are most efficient and will not need to be frequently removed to change the brushes. Such brushes can operate for tens of thousands of hours with virtually no maintenance. 
Is not limited by geographical location
In places without enough wind speeds to fuel windmills, the other remaining options are to use fossil fuel water pumps or electricity. Getting gas fuel, especially for those who live in remote locations, can be difficult and expensive. Furthermore, trenching main power to remote areas can be difficult and costly Even in the most remote locations, it is possible to install a solar powered well as long as there is enough sunlight. 
It is environmentally friendly
One of the biggest threats to human existence on earth is global warming. Human activity contributes to a large percentage. Installing solar powered well systems eliminates the need to use those water pumps that used fuel and parts that emit green house substances such as carbon dioxide. A solar powered well system uses renewable energy from the sun. By installing this system, you are contributing your part in ensuring a greener environment. 

The system is easy to maintain
Unlike of the well systems that need frequent assessment, refueling and other maintenance operations, a solar powered well requires minimal, if any, maintenance. Once installed, the system takes care of itself. All you may have to do is just to clean off any dust that may accumulate on the panel but even this only requires to do be done occasionally and just takes a couple of minutes. 
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Posted By: Kent Bass