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Different Types of Well Pumps and Their Uses

Wells and the pumps that bring the water to the surface are fascinating and high-output investments that do a great deal for your energy consumption, your utility bills, and your health. However because of the incredible diversity of the terrains and water tables and types we face, there are many differing strategies on how to bring the water from the ground to your home.

If you live in a region with a low water table, meaning that you are not too close to a body of water or underground source and will have to dig quite far to reach pay water! But if you live in a reasonably high water table area, you may find that getting the hole dug is half the battle, and the other half is the proper use and implementation of your water depending on your unique requirements.

Shallow well pumping is often done by what's called a jet pump. A jet pump is similar to a long straw which uses suction to bring water up from these relatively short heights. Jet pumps generally taper off in effectiveness after 25 feet, at which point you would have to dig a deeper well and initiate a more effective pumping system to carry the water up a greater height.

The next step for deep wells is what is called a double jet pump. A double jet pump is not all that dissimilar from a jet pump except that it uses two points of suction to create two pressurized vacuums to lift the water a greater height, usually at a faster velocity. The second jet would usually be placed at the bottom of the water in order to create two separate vacuums to process the water.
Any pump in the water itself is called a submersible pump, and it works a little harder by pushing water up from the bottom, but it means less force than a pump which would lift water up from the bottom. Like anyone moving a piano knows, it's always easiest to lift from the bottom instead of dangling over it hoping to support the weight.

Every well and pump has a situation and place, but it's best to let a well and pump professional survey your property and make recommendations as to how best to pump your water out from the ground. Knowing how and where to pump makes the whole situation easier, cheaper, and more energy efficient.

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

With the arrival of warmer weather comes anticipation of the upcoming outdoor swimming season. Pool owners of all ages and in all parts of the country look forward to taking that first dip. However, heating a swimming pool to a comfortable level takes time and energy, often postponing the season's first swim longer than most pool owners would like. Fortunately, simply by using a solar pool blanket, you can open your pool earlier in the season. Not only that, swimming pool solar blankets also save significant amounts of money on pool heating. Offering such outstanding benefits, solar pool covers are an excellent addition to any outdoor swimming pool.

As their name suggests, solar pool blankets use the sun's rays to heat swimming pool water. These pool blankets also act as insulators, preventing heat that is already in the water from escaping. As a result, swimming pool solar blankets both heat and maintain the temperature of pool water. In fact, solar swimming pool covers can raise the temperature of pool water by 10 to 15 degrees. This is why these insulating blankets allow for earlier pool openings and also extend the swimming season at the end of the summer.

Swimming pool solar blankets are made of plastic and are covered with air bubbles, giving them an appearance similar to that of bubble wrap. Sunlight is able to pass through these thermal sheets, causing the pool water to heat up. However, the air bubbles along with the thickness of the blanket's plastic create an insulating effect, trapping the heat in the water and preventing the warmth from escaping back out into the air. These insulating properties also greatly reduce the evaporation of water and chemicals from swimming pools. Since evaporation is a major cause of heat loss from swimming pools, solar pool blankets can make a significant difference with regards to heat retention.

Naturally, since solar pool covers are so effective at gathering and retaining heat in the water,
they allow pool owners to enjoy significant savings with respect to heating and maintenance costs. Since swimming pool solar blankets can increase pool temperatures by up to 10 to 15 degrees, comfortable water temperatures can be maintained without running pool heaters nearly as often. In fact, a quality solar pool blanket can lower heating costs for gas and electric heaters by as much as 70 percent. Also, since these pool blankets prevent the evaporation of chemicals from the water, it's easier to maintain stable chemical concentrations for a healthy and sanitary swimming environment. When pool heaters are run less frequently and smaller amounts of chemicals are required to keep the water safe, money savings are sure to follow.

With a variety of different types of solar pool blankets available on the market, these covers can
be used for swimming pools of all different types, shapes and sizes. As a leading direct source of quality pool supplies, offers several types of solar pool covers, including above ground pool solar blankets and in-ground solar pool blankets. For kidney-shaped swimming pools or pools with unusual configurations, solar covers can simply be trimmed with scissors in order to fit a particular pool exactly. By making sure that the blanket fits snugly against the pool walls, heat retention will be optimized.

Amongst's selection of above ground pool solar blankets and in-ground solar pool blankets, different classes of these covers are available. From the Standard series to the Diamond series, all solar pool blankets available from are made from high-quality material and provide excellent heating and insulation. The diamond series blankets also feature additional thickness for increased durability and enhanced heat transfer. Moreover, with a unique hexagon design of the air bubbles, the space between air pockets is reduced, further increasing the blanket's ability to transfer and retain heat.

No matter what type of solar cover pool owners choose to purchase, it's important to lay the
blanket out for a few days prior to trimming it to the desired shape and size. This will provide
time for any folds to smooth out and for the cover to shrink or expand from exposure to sunlight.
Once the pool blanket is ready for use, it should be placed over the water with the smooth side
up. This way, the surface area for transference of heat from the sun is maximized and the air
bubbles will provide a layer of insulation over the water.

While solar swimming pool covers offer so many incredible benefits, they are also affordable. With low prices and fast, free shipping from, pool owners can start enjoying great savings and longer swimming seasons right away. So for earlier pool openings, longer swimming seasons and significant savings on heating costs, consider taking the plunge and purchasing a solar blanket for your in-ground or above ground swimming pool.

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