Friday, August 22, 2014

Water Well Pump - Affordable, Lightweight and Durable!

A water well pump is useful in many situations, not only is it an excellent way to get water from a shallow well, but a lightweight, manual hand pump is a great addition to any emergency kit too as it can be used after a disaster to get fresh water from shallow wells.

A product like this is made to be lightweight and portable with PVC construction. In addition to weighing very little, PVC pipes are made from plastic, so this eliminates rusting or corroding over time with multiple exposures to water. A water well pump constructed out of PVC piping should not be looked at as being of a lower quality than those made of heavy metal.

PVC Pumps are known to outlast ten million pumping cycles. The fact is that the product does not wear out after ten million cycles, but rather it has been determined that the same amount of water can be delivered after the ten millionth pump as on the first one -- all this with hardly any detectable wear when deconstructed and examined. Based on durability, a water well pump constructed out of PVC piping cannot be beat.

Speed is another important characteristic of choosing a high quality water well pump. 20 to 35 liters per minute can be expected to be produced with selected pumps. The range given here is dependent upon the depth of the pump and the speed the pumper operates at. You can expect water to be delivered to the vessel on both the up and down strokes so no effort on your part is wasted. Pumps are designed to utilize the legs in addition to the arms so tiring does not occur as quickly. A pump is functional enough that even children can pump it.

Understandably, the most beneficial aspect of a PVC water well pump is the inexpensive and lightweight nature of it, yet the fact that is has many durable qualities, as well. With no parts to rust, corrode or wear out, this kind of pump can last for a lifetime of daily use or make a great storage item in case of an emergency. Installation of a 52-foot pump is easily completed by two people working together in only a quarter of an hour. There is no additional plumbing or piping required to begin the use of the water well pump immediately.

The award winning New Zealand Pump Company has been manufacturing the ingeniously simple Ezi-action Drum pumps since 1991. Our chemical resistant, FDA compliant, Japanese Food Hygiene Approved Ezi action Drum pumps and Ezi-action Safety Measures have been proven around the world for safety and reliability for hand pumping from drums and containers. Our plastic drum pumps are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. They will pump viscous fluids and are suitable for use with strong acids and alkalis, oils and lubricants.

Markets and sectors around the world in agriculture, commercial cleaning and maintenance, industrial and food manufacturing, are benefiting from the innovative, dispensing technology that is the patented Ezi-action Drum pumps. By using the ruggedly constructed polypropylene Ezi-action Drum pumps to dispense liquids by hand from drums and containers you and your customers will be working smarter. Ezi-action Drum pumps and Safety Measures are reliable, cost effective and safer.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to know if you need Well Service?

How to know if you need Well Service?
Do you have a well in your property and it is troubling you? Are you confused, and not sure what to do? Well here are your answers.

What is a well?
A well is a hole that has been drilled into the ground so you can extract drinking water. A pipe also known as a casing is held open extending to an aquifer. This aquifer is the layer of sediment, like gravel or sand, or layers of limestone that saturate the water so it can be extracted from the well. When the casing is set in place with the aquifer, the place between the casing and the hole gets filed by a material known as grout so the extracted water does not get contaminated. If the water has a natural flow it just needs a spout or place to flow from, but if it’s underground then you will require fixing a hand-pump to extract the water. In fact most municipal communities around the world use such wells to supply safe drinking water to the public for all necessities like cooking, bathing, washing, watering livestock and other daily necessities.

How to know if you need Well Service?
Do you have low water pressure, is your water dirty, is the water surging or your well is out of water. If you answered yes to any one of these, yes you need a well repair service.

What could be the cause?
Running out of water, can be caused by many factors; to know if you have you should check the well pump breaker inside the electrical breaker box. In case, everything is ok check the pressure from the gauge of the well’s tank and see what the pressure reading is. If the pressure reading is 40 psi, probably your filter is blocked and needs a change. The common possibility is the pressure gauge requiring replacement. Another reason for such an issue, is a broken wire that goes to the pump. At times the pump itself could require a replacement.

What to do when your well does not work?
First most check the reading on the pressure gauge of the water well tank. If the reading is between 0 to 20 psi you should check the water well pump breaker inside the electrical box to see if the switch has not tripped. In case the switch has tripped, your water pump requires a change and if the wire is shortened to the ground, it needs to be changed. If the switch has not tripped, the problem could be a broken wire or a bad motor. In case your reading is 40+ psi then it’s time to change your water filter. Once you have confirmed the cause you should call for well repair professionals. 

Planning on drilling a new well?
If have plans to get a new well drilled in your property remember these points:
·       Check your ground water that is on the move
·       Ground water and aquifers- to know if the water is safe for drinking purpose
·       The quality of the ground water to see if it is not contaminated

·       Evaluate the potential of the water well