Saturday, November 15, 2014

Solar Water Well Pumps

Reducing monthly expenses is one of the reasons for replacing the electric power for water well pumps using solar power. However, there is more to the story than just finding a means of saving money. Let's take a look at a few items of information about this alternative power for obtaining this liquid.
Solar panels collect energy from the sun. This means there is no other involvement in getting electricity from some other source. The sunlight is converted through the photovoltaic process to become a source of Direct Current electricity. It is 100% environmentally friendly and requires very little maintenance to keep the system in full service.
Batteries store the DC voltage from the panels. Once the photovoltaic process excites the electrons in the solar panels, the resulting electricity is stored in deep cycle batteries. Obviously, they must be rated as rechargeable, and a person should resist the temptation to save money in buying cheaper units. Keep in mind that during daylight hours, these batteries will be in a constant state of recharging by the sun. Choose batteries that are designed for a maximum number of recharges.
Inverters convert the DC power into AC current for the pump. In addition to a main power switch, there will be an inverter in the path that converts the incoming power to that which is required by the well pump. In the event that it is a DC powered pump, this inverter can be eliminated. Depending on the total number of batteries being used, there may be a need for voltage limiting controls.
Rural areas may lack public water utility services. Most residential areas have utility services to provide this fluid, but in those regions that are farther away from municipalities, well water may be the only source of this life sustaining liquid. Remote ranch lands may need to extract it from underground to maintain their livestock herds. During disaster recovery, triage units may have to resort to using solar powered water well pumps to help treat victims, and maintain life support for all parties involved in recovery from the disaster.
Solar systems have already become a viable and affordable means of replacing utility provided power. The panels are usually guaranteed for 25 years, and only require being kept free of dust and dirt for maximum performance. The batteries may need to be checked regularly to maintain their water levels, and the rest of the story is free electricity from the sun.

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