Thursday, March 12, 2015

5 Things Every Private Well Owner Should Know

Many people who live in urban areas don’t have any idea of how wells operate let alone how they need to be maintained. Since we rely on water for many things around the house, maintaining the well should be your top priority if you own one. If you are a proud owner of a water well, here is some basics about well maintenance that you need to know.

1.     Always hire an expert to service your well

The worst mistake you can ever do is trying to service your own well. For one, it’s a very dangerous undertaking since you risk falling inside the well or pouring chemicals in excess in an attempt to get rid of odor in the water. You may even introduce contaminants into the well as you try to service it because there’s the risk of dropping items into the well if you are not careful. There’s also the risk of electrocution if using a submersible pump. To avoid all these risks, contact an expert for any kind of water well servicing.

2.     Consider preventative maintenance

There are so many problems that you can avoid if you take preventative maintenance seriously. Don’t just wait for issues to escalate in order to call in an expert to check the condition of your water well. If the well needs maintenance once annually, ensure you follow through and you’ll spend less in the long run.

3.     Make sure the well maintenance service is properly done

As a well owner, you need to know what is included in any check-up that is going to be done instead of just calling in a professional and leaving all the work to them. Do some homework and understand what well servicing is all about. A basic service will include a flow test, water test which is done to ensure there’s no bacteria and a written report provided to explain the results of the maintenance service and give recommendations.

4.     Take precautions to maintain your well

There are a number of things you can do on a daily basis to keep your water well in perfect state. For instance, making sure hazardous chemicals and pesticides are kept far away from the well is important. You also need to check the well cap or cover and make sure it’s not damaged. Whenever you mow around the well, be extra careful so that you don’t damage the casing.

5.     Understand the issue

If you are told that your well needs servicing, ask the contractor to explain the issues at hand and how to prevent them from recurring. Many homeowners get frustrated and end up spending a lot of money on well repairs simply because they don’t pay attention to the state of their well. Ask your contractor questions and let them explain the solutions in a detailed manner. You also need to explain any changes you’ve observed with your water well. For instance, if you notice the amount of water the well yields has decreased, ask the contractor to explain to you the reasons for this.

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